Celebrity Chef Jake Gandolfo and wife Erin are slated to arrive at the Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies, 4976 Paige Street at 12PM Wednesday, May 9th.

Millions of fans around the country watched Jake Gandolfo, the construction worker from Santa Cruz who competed on Master Chef. Jake won over the viewer’s hearts because they could relate to him, a blue collar construction worker that had the heart and self taught talent to make his dreams of becoming a chef a reality. Jake was one of the top 14 finalists out of the over 15,000 people that tried out for the show. Since the show has aired he has been invited to appear at several successful events around the country. He has done everything from product representation for Diablo Grills to hosting cooking competition team building events for corporate America.

Jake and wife Erin are traveling the country in a 34’ motor coach and a jeep – using their star-power to bring a light to hunger. They will be volunteering to help end hunger by working at WFBR’s warehouse at noon. Jake and Erin are chronicling their cross-country journey on their website, http://unitedwefeed.squarespace.com/about/


The Wyoming Food Bank of the Rockies invites residents to come out to the food bank, meet Jake and Erin and find out a little more about the work that they do on a daily basis, as the WFBR relies heavily on volunteers to help distribute almost 5 million pounds of food annually to the entire state of Wyoming the more that find out about their work, the better. Their network of more than 200 partner agencies in all 23 counties give hope to over 60,000 of our Wyoming neighbors who suffer from hunger.


For more information please call Jamie at 267-2421.

Here is a look at Master Chef Jake Gondolfo and his cooking and life philosophy.