A study shows that in 2023, 46% of Americans have at least one tattoo and many of that 46% are looking to get another tat. Getting tattoos is a little big addictive and for some people, needle therapy is exactly what's needed to be able to relax a little.

In the Casper area, there are at least 10 tattoo parlors and after a slight decline in 2020, the tattoo industry is soaring. Fortune Business Insights have a study that shows by 2029, the tattoo industry will be valued at nearly $3.55 Billion. BILLION...that's a heck of an industry jump from 2021's $1.75 Billion.

There's no doubt that tattoo's are popular and offer people a way to express themselves and use the ink to etch a memory into your life for good.

Another rising industry is Astrology. Actually, Astrology is SOARING.

Since the beginning of time humans have looked to the stars for guidance and in 2023, Astrology is bigger than it's ever been. With so many uncertainties in life, people being under major stress and instead of other coping mechanisms Astrology is where people are turning. When other industries struggled during 2020, Astrology did fantastic and continues to grow. So well, that by 2031 it's expected that Astrology will be a $22.8 Billion a year industry.

When you combine the love of tattoos and the love of Astrology, you have an opportunity for great mental relief.

You have a chance to find that mental relief and get a little clarity at Electric Hare Tattoo Shop in Casper. They're having a Cosmic Canvas Astrological Flash Tattoo and Astrological reading event, Saturday February 4, 2023 from 12-5pm.

When you arrive at the shop, you'll begin with an Astrological reading from Copper's Astrological Services, then you'll look through the deep choices for an Astrological themed flash tattoo.

One of the shops great tattoo artists will hook you up with a quality flash tattoo. Airian Demos from Electric Hare Tattoo Shop says a 'Flash' tattoo is:

pre-designed tattoo, that's already put down on a piece of paper that you can come into the shop that day and walk in. There's usually a little bit of a reduced price because it is a walk in price and you pick a design off of several sheets of flash, with very little change.

The Astrological reading will be done by Copper's Astrological Services, which Airian says they

mostly just tell you about your self, it's not like really to predict the future.  You can talk about the way that you communicate, your inner workings, then also major planetary shifts and how the upcoming year might affect you.

If you're interested, may you can use it as an early Valentine's Day present, you can check out Electric Hare Tattoo Shop on Facebook or stop in at 319 W. Yellowstone Hwy near Downtown Casper.

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