It's an exciting time to be Chancey Williams. He's got new music coming and a sweet new deal with the same Nashville agency that manages Garth. He told us about all of this including his upcoming performance in Casper this weekend.

One of the reasons why Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band are so psyched is the word is they'll be playing at the National Finals Rodeo this year.

Chancey Williams - "Yep. We're at NFR.,,for pretty much the whole run...then at Gilley's for a couple's a full week of fun stuff."

We learned that Chancey recently signed with the William Morris Agency in Nashville, the same people that handle Garth Brooks.

Chancey Williams - "Yeah, that's true...we explain it to people that they book everyone from Garth to us since we're the new guys...we're real fortunate to be with's our next step, next goal with where we wanted to be with this career...they're the world's biggest booking agent so I think they can place us around the country to bigger and better things."

We also have new Chancey Williams music and a video to look forward to in December that they shot while they were in Nashville.

Chancey Williams - "Yeah, while we were there we shot a video for a new single that's coming out (in) December called 'The Fastest Gun in Town'...brand new song coming out Friday, December 13th."

You can see Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band at The Beacon on Saturday night, November 23. Great opportunity to see our Wyoming friends perform live before they break big across the rest of America.

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