Chancey Williams took some time out of his busy schedule to talk with us about Wyoming, new music he's working on and what's ahead for him and the Younger Brothers Band in 2019.

Chancey recently debuted a brand new song called "The World Needs More Cowboys" at the National Finals Rodeo.

Chancey Williams: "Last fall or this summer even when the University of Wyoming's ad campaign came out about The World Needs More Cowboys came along with some controversy...I told my producer (Trent Willmon)...Man, we should really write that. It's a great slogan for UW and Wyoming. It needs an anthem for it...we wrote that the night before and recorded it the next day and pushed it out as the new single. Never had a song go through the process that fast."

Chancey is an educated fellow. He has no less than FOUR college degrees.

Chancey Williams: "Yeah, I got lucky. I actually went to Casper College for 3 years and rodeo'd there which is real fun and ended up with a couple degrees out of there. Went on to rodeo at the University of Wyoming, finished my bachelor's and masters degrees there. I really loved college."

Chancey is also loved in Britain and was recently featured on a BBC special. His name is now brought up in regards to Wyoming in a similar way to how Chris LeDoux was always associated with the state. That gravity of that incredible compliment is not lost on Chancey.

Chancey Williams: "Yeah, it's definitely very humbling. I mean nobody will ever be as big as Chris in Wyoming...he's like the king of Wyoming, but it's definitely cool to be thought of up there getting close to him I guess. It's really neat that...only a couple of guys from Wyoming have gone on to rodeo and play music at that level I guess. It's still humbling to me."

You can tell that Chancey is a guy that will never forget where he's from and his heart is always in Wyoming.

Chancey Williams: "Thanks to our Wyoming fans. We can't thank them enough."

You can keep up with what Chancey is up to on his official website, plus his social pages like Facebook and Instagram.

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