It was revealed recently that Forrest Fenn's legendary hidden treasure had been found. Now, there are pictures of the actual treasure that you can see for yourself.

As we previously reported, a treasure hunter claimed he found the treasure and Forrest Fenn confirmed it. He shared news that the guy who discovered it was located out east, but wanted to remain anonymous. He did agree to allow Forrest to share pics of the treasure and Mr. Fenn has graciously allowed us to share them with you.

Here's Forrest himself examining the treasure.

Photos provided by Forrest Fenn/

Here's a more close-up look at the treasure right after it was discovered.

Photos provided by Forrest Fenn/

Here's a bracelet that was part of the treasure. It's reported it was wet when found which affected the color of the silver.

Photos provided by Forrest Fenn/

There you go. Proof that the Forrest Fenn treasure really was found. The finder has decided not to disclose the exact location, but it's believed it was found somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.

Reader's Digest has estimated that the value of Forrest's treasure was worth between $1 million and $5 million dollars.

Special thanks to the editor of who was entrusted with distributing these pics to the media. Obviously ultimate thanks goes to Forrest Fenn for agreeing to allow all who have searched for decades for this treasure to see it once and for all.

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