Heading to the movie theater to catch the latest Hollywood flick isn't as cheap as it used to be. You're paying even more if you have a big family, and they like popcorn, candy, and soda.

The price of a movie ticket has more than doubled in the past 25 years, but luckily, we live in a state where those tickets are the most affordable in the US. The average movie ticket in Wyoming is just $9.10, the lowest price in the country.

The next closest price is in Michigan, where ticket prices average $9.99. South Dakota's average is $10.57 per ticket, and Montana's is $10.90.

Wyoming's A Great State To Go To See A Movie

It's still not overly cheap to head to the movie theaters in Wyoming, but it is nowhere near as expensive as states like New York ($15.83), Georgia ($15.32), or Massachusetts ($14.91) per ticket.

Including the price of snacks and drinks, the average Wyoming moviegoer spends at least $20 per trip to the movie theater. Breaking it down even more, it takes the average Wyomingite working about 25 minutes to afford just the movie ticket.

Wyoming's A Great State To Go To See A Movie

In places like Tennessee, you'd have to work 45.29 minutes to afford a movie ticket. If you went to the concession stand, you'd almost have to take out a loan to buy snacks.

So, we are fortunate in Wyoming to have somewhat reasonable prices for entertainment.

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