New jaw-dropping video has just been shared of the incredible damage a tornado did to Powder River Pass in Wyoming. This is crazy.

The National Weather Service documented how this tornado developed back on June 19. Here's part of what they said:

On Wednesday, June 19, 2019 a thunderstorm began to develop on the border of Park and Big Horn counties around 5 PM. As this storm moved east it strengthened and reached its peak intensity in extreme southeastern Big Horn County. The storm crossed into Johnson County and produced a tornado on Powder River Pass in the Bighorn Mountains just before 7 PM. Considerable tree damage occurred along and near US Highway 16 as the tornado moved east along its 3.7 mile path.

Considerable tree damage? Oh, yes. You can see the wide path of this twister in the video above.

Think about this. The NWS rated this tornado as ONLY EF1 with winds around 110 mph. Can you imagine what a bigger EF2 or EF3 could have done? Insane.

This Powder River Pass tornado threw debris across the highway and destroyed snow fences and drove the fence parts into the ground according to the YouTube description. The damage path was over 250 yards wide according to the NWS.

Here's the exact path shared by the NWS. We can all be thankful this tornado wasn't more destructive.


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