If you have ever wondered what the oil fields of Wyoming looked like over 100 years ago, I have something you have to see. It's the ultimate old-school Wyoming oil field map that dates back to 1917.

I found this on one of my favorite map pages on Reddit. It shows a comprehensive map of oil fields in Wyoming from way back when. I would highly recommend checking out the full size image so you can zoom in to the juicy turn of the century details.

MapPorn via Reddit
MapPorn via Reddit

Look at all those Natrona County locations:

I could go on and on. So much history here. The Wikipedia page for Teapot Dome shared details of the Teapot Dome in particular which included a scandal where the Secretary of the Interior was fined and the US Supreme Court got involved.

WyoHistory.org has some vintage pics of some of the roughnecks that worked the Salt Creek fields back in the day.

If you or any of your family have ever worked in the oil industry in Wyoming, it's more than worth your while to spend some time exploring this map. It's the bedrock of a major part of our way of life in Wyoming and it's history that can never be allowed to fade into the past.

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