A man on Reddit says he scolded his wife for not knocking on his bedroom door before entering, even though he was only following the rules she initially set.

"About a year ago, my wife suggested us getting separate bedrooms since she had a lot of trouble sleeping together and it would allow us to have our own privacy. I was initially not a big fan of the idea because I thought it would effect our relationship and our connection, but after talking about it for a few months I reluctantly agreed. She also suggested that we need to respect each other's privacy by knocking on each other's doors before entering," he began.

"So for about a year now we have had our own bedrooms and to my surprise, I have been enjoying it a lot. We still sleep together a few times a week, but do spend the majority of the nights separately. I have really enjoyed the privacy and having the opportunity to unwind by myself without having to worry about anything else," he continued.

On the other hand, his wife "doesn't seem to be enjoying it as much" lately.

"She has started spending more nights with me in my bedroom which is fine. But she has now started acting like we don't have any agreements at all. At first she was very adamant about knocking on each other's doors before entering each other's rooms and would frequently call me out on it if I didn't. But now she has started acting like my separate bedroom is her bedroom and she doesn't knock before entering my room like we agreed to," he explained.

"When I called her out on it, she got really emotional and angry with me. She told me that I didn't care about her and I didn't want to have her around anymore. She also said that it really hurts her feelings. But I just referred to all the rules she had made up and that has gotten her really upset," the frustrated man concluded.

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Users in the comments section had mixed reactions, with many imploring the man to simply communicate with his wife to work things out and figure out what they both want.

"It seems very obvious that you should have a conversation about how you both still feel about the arrangement. You can tell that she doesn't seem happy about it anymore, but you're knowingly avoiding that and instead engage in little arguments around what you know to be the actual issue. I'm not saying that the arrangement is good or bad, but you ARE aware that you're still happy while she's not and you're avoiding it because you don't want her to say out loud that she wants to share again because then you'll have to tell her outright that you don't. You'll have to have this conversation eventually anyway," one user wrote.

"I mean if I were you I'd be asking if she has changed her mind and having a conversation about how both of you are feeling with the current arrangement rather than posting about it on here. You'd get a lot further," someone else commented.

"I’m kind of hung up on the knocking part. I can think of a few reasons for wanting to sleep separately, but insisting on knocking implies wanting to be warned before you come in. What were her stated reasons for wanting to sleep separate? Were they reasonable, such as different sleep schedules or snoring? What was her reasoning for insisting on knocking? I’m really interested in those because I can’t think of a good reason but can think of many not so good reasons," another person shared.

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