Some people search for Bigfoot. Others have tried to solve the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. But, those that are really desperate continue to try and find escalators in Wyoming. (*sigh*)

Why do I mention the mythical escalator issue in Wyoming. It's because of this recent Reddit post.

Is it Actually True that you only have 2 Escalators ? from r/wyoming

If you're not familiar with the escalators you won't find in Wyoming, even Reader's Digest did a story about this. While confirming that there are only two (yes TWO) escalators in the entire state of Wyoming, they noticed that we have a lot of elevators. Weird.

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I don't have a problem with the lack of escalators in Wyoming. As a matter of fact, I think they're somewhat evil. Seriously. If you've never had one of your toes pinched by one of the creases in an escalator, you're probably blissfully unaware.

No, my problem is that people continue to try and seek them out here. We only have 2 escalators. We're not gonna go get anymore. We are happy about being an escalator-free zone. If climbing stairs is too much for you, Wyoming is not your state anyway.

If we were willing to placate to the pro-escalator crowd, it would probably be one like this. We like climbing things here and that isn't changing anytime soon.

Please give up the Wyoming escalator quest. You are more likely to have dinner with Sasquatch in the woods than this.

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