I just spent way to much time watching Retro Casper monster truck videos...

It's just so fun watching the dirt fly from those massive tires and waiting for one of the trucks to topple over.

My three sons are SO enamored with Monster trucks that anytime we see a jacked up truck with big tires on the street, they pound on the window and shout "Look mom a Monster Truck!"

Below are my three favorite Retro Casper Monster Truck Videos.

This video is awesome because of the massive amount of mud!

This clip is legit retro! Dale Harris was a monster truck superstar in the '80s and after watching this you'll see why.

Last but not least we have my favorite clip. It actually made me cover my eyes when I watched it the first time! In this video what all monster truck fans crave happened...one of the trucks flips over backward.

Which one is your favorite?

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