The Toughest Monster Truck Tour is a must see experience for all fans of the sport.

February 9th, 2019, for one night only, the Toughest Monster Truck Tour will return to the Casper Events Center. Last year, Bigfoot came back with a vengeance after losing the Tour Championship to rival Snake Bite the year before. The competition was tough at all events in 2018, with less than 10 points separating Bigfoot and second place winner Quad Chaos going into the Championship Weekend in Grand Forks, but Bigfoot stayed the course and won. In 2019, the competition will be fiercer than ever, with Quad Chaos looking to redeem himself, 2017 Champion Snake Bite vowing to take back the title and the rest of the field looking to make an upset.

In addition to the monster truck action, a surprise thrilling side act will be featured.  It may be Freestyle Motocross, a car-eating, fire-breathing mechanical dinosaur or battling intergalactic robots.

“If you ask any monster truck driver who has competed in the Toughest Monster Truck Tour, they will tell you that indeed, the TMTT has the most difficult tracks of all the tours, which is why it is called the Toughest Monster Truck Tour,” said Kelly Goldman of the Toughest Monster Truck Tour.  “Because of the high level of difficulty, only the best monster truck and drivers are invited to participate.”

The Toughest Monster Truck Tour begins at 7pm on Saturday, February 9th. Tickets are available at the Casper Events Center, or by phone at 800-442-2256. All seats are reserved. Additional fees may apply.

For information and reviews about the Toughest Monster Truck Tour, visit their Facebook page or their website:

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