It's only 11 seconds long, but it's a stunning capture of the night sky over Casper that shows the beauty above us.

YouTube user Jon M.explained the story behind this video in his description:

Just some experimenting with my Nikon D5600. I was surprised it came out as well as it did considering the light pollution.

I will admit that I'm a bit of a camera nerd. That's why Jon's mention of the Nikon D5600 caught my eye. This is a very nice digital SLR camera that has high-end abilities, but it simple enough a layman like me can get great pics and video with it.

I was caught by surprise by the clarity of Jon's video because of the reason he stated about the lights of some parts of Casper and how that can make night pics difficult. I will applaud him on this short but sweet slice of the beautiful sky above us. We should all look up more often and appreciate this aspect of our beautiful country.

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