And I thought the best was Shari's Cafe's Triple Layer pumpkin pie was the best, but it was time to ask for your choice.

Who serves Cheyenne’s favorite pumpkin pie?

The Luxury Diner ____ 45.71 Percent 

The Pie Lady ____ 25.71 Percent

Perkins ____ 11.43 Percent

Shari's Restaurant ____ 5.71 Percent

Village Inn ____ 5.71 Percent

The Diamond Horseshoe ____ 4.12 Percent

Other ____ 1.60 Percent

Wow, congratulations to The Luxury Diner!

We encouraged write-ins in case anyone's favorite was not on our list, even if it was a supermarket bakery. We figured there had to be at least one very popular place we missed. That wasn’t the case at all. One even voted, “Marie Calenders”.

Thanks for voting. Enjoy Fall in Wyoming.