How many Cheyenne residents know that the area known as Ridge Rd / East 4 Mile has more Yugoslav ancestry than almost any neighborhood in America? 0.6 Percent seems not much, but according to, it is well above the national average for Yugoslav populations.

Apparently, many American immigrant success stories live where it isn’t cheap, especially by Wyoming standards. Website listed Cheyenne’s five best areas to live as Ranchettes, Warren AFB, Fox Farm, South Greely and Hillsdale. We’ll just pretend they also include The Point in that whole 50 square miles of Ranchettes.

Many Euro nationalities came to work in new industries of the American West, like on the railroad and in the coal mines in Wyoming. Paul Krza wrote in When Socialism Thrived In Wyoming, "Local Yugoslavs downplayed their ethnicity and were staunchly loyal to their new country during World Wars and … McCarthyism (in the 1950s).”

It wasn't until the two decades from 1970 - 1999 that over 80 percent of Ridge Rd / East Four Mile homes were built. By now, maybe their English sounds much better than in many other neighborhoods across America.