Wyoming women are tough.

Even Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame said that Wyoming Women are the best!

When I came across this article about four Wyoming women that skied home 14 miles when the roads were closed, I let out a proud cheer.

What started out as a fun girls-only snow adventure trip to Turpin Meadows took a turn for the worse when a Blizzard hit.

Highway 191 (their road home) was closed, so a few of the ladies in the group left and tried to head home an alternate way. They ended up getting stuck in Lander.

The four remaining women decided to ski the 14 miles back to their families rather than remain another day in their cabins. The suggestion actually started as a joke, but the more these Wyoming women thought about it, the more they liked the idea.

They spent hours making their plan and even consulted with a ranger before heading out.

They left at 11:38 am and arrived at their final destination at 6:28 pm, and skied a total of 7 hours.

Breaking trail, high winds, and blizzard conditions made this ski trip a major undertaking. But, all four women are physically fit, had extra gear, food, and water in their packs, cell phone service the entire time and GPS to help ensure they stayed on the right path. Add to this that one of the women is a member of the Teton Seach and Rescue Team, and you can see why they were confident they could successfully complete the treck!

I have to be honest I'm feeling pretty inspired and pretty proud of these Wyoming Women.

What a great way to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay

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