If you lack mountain views in your life and you also fancy yourself a log cabin, check out this Cody, Wyoming property that has mountains everywhere.

I spotted this beauty on Zillow. It's located at 140 Bear Creed Road and is actually to the southwest of Cody on the other side of Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

Google Maps
Google Maps

If you check out the pics, you're correct if you think you're seeing Carter Mountain, Castle Rock, and Table Mountain. You can also see views of Buffalo Bill Reservoir to the northeast.

There are special areas for dogs and horses, so if you're an animal lover, can't do much better than this.

As you might imagine, a 3-bed, 3-bath property with over 2,100 square feet in Cody is gonna cost you. The current asking price is $835,000 which isn't bad for what you're getting. It's more than a bit above my pay grade, but fortunately looking at pretty pictures like this is free.

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