If you think you face challenges in your life, look at what this Colorado dad did. He has Parkinson's, but managed to roof his home with his daughter.

This video time-lapse was shared on YouTube and shows what he accomplished. This happened in Colorado, by the way.

Here's how his daughter described what her dad did on YouTube:

My dad started roofing in 1978 and was a roofer for over 30 years. Several years ago he was diagnosed with Parkinson's. A bad hail storm caused his roof to need redone on his house that he built in the late 80s. He wanted to do it himself even though family, friends and doctors told him he shouldn't with his condition.

He was told that he shouldn't, but he did anyway. Gotta admire someone like this man who overcomes.

She made one additional request. As a tribute to her dad, she asked that those who have a heart to maybe consider donating to the Michael J. Fox Foundation which endeavors to find a cure for Parkinson's.

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