When you wake up in the middle of the night and go to the kitchen for a snack, you don't expect to come face-to-snout with a bear. That's exactly what happened to a Colorado man who was attacked, but lived to tell about it.

ABC News shared the harrowing story of Dave Chenosky who was at a friend's house in Aspen.

Business Insider shared more details of what happened to Dave. They shared a statement by Colorado Parks and Wildlife indicating that the bear was located and had to be euthanized.

Based on the direct and clear trail that tracking dogs quickly followed, along with the physical description of the bear from witnesses, we’re certain that we got the offending animal,” said Matt Yamashita, Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s Area Wildlife Manager, who oversaw the response operation. “We never like to have to put an animal down but the protection of the public is paramount once a bear begins entering homes and responding aggressively toward people.

Never a good thing when an animal has to be put down, but understandable after this bear was involved in this kind of violent human encounter. It's amazing how adept bears are at opening door handles to get into vehicles and homes. Where there is food, a bear can find a way like this one unfortunately did.

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