This bear isn't quite ready for its winter slumber just quite yet. Or maybe it is because it's just pretty cranky and mischievous.

According to the Aspen Police Department - now I think that would be a great place to be a police officer - said that a bear was apparently looking for a snack and it wasn't satisfied with just snooping around. No, no, no, this bear went into full-on rage mode.

The bear broke into the car and just started tearing the interior to shreds and destroying the doors as well. But the real kicker here is that once it was finished tearing the car apart, it squatted and dumped in the backseat.

Now that Is one crazy bear.

As crazy as it seems, bear break-ins are not as uncommon as some think, In fact, there have been 484 vehicle break-ins by bears over the past couple of years, according to Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

So if you don't want this happening to your car while hanging out in bear country, there are some things you need to do and precautions to take:

  • Lock your doors when you’re away from home and at night.
  • Keep the bottom floor windows of your house closed when you’re not at home.
  • Do not keep food in your vehicle; roll up windows and lock the doors of your vehicles.
  • When car-camping, secure all food and coolers in a locked vehicle.
  • Keep a clean camp, whether you’re in a campground or in the backcountry.
  • When camping in the backcountry, hang food 100 feet or more from the campsite; don’t bring any food into your tent.
  • Cook food well away from your tent; wash dishes thoroughly.

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