A good dog can make friends with ANYTHING!

We can learn something from that, but there are problems that come with it too.

For now, let's have a look at this dog who made friends with - um - another dog?

He brought him home to meet his humans and introduced him.

The problem here is that, at some point, the new kid's mom is going to come looking for him.

That's when the trouble might begin.

I'd say, let's wait and see, but I'd really rather not.

Here is the video to show you the initial introduction.

So, if you're the humans of the house, what do you do now?

Sorry, but your new friend can't come in and he can't spend the night.

Sometimes the friends are harmless.

This next video has several cases of animal friendships that, while cute, the humans had to say - NO - to.

The first one is a dog who brought home a baby cow.

Then there is the little dog who brought home A BIG COW!


Enjoy the next video compilation.

There is even a dog that makes friends with a deer.

That's sweet.

But again, HE CAN'T COME IN!

It is cute that these dogs want to bring their new friends home to introduce them.

Then there is the dog who brings a goat back to the truck.

SURE, climb in, and let's go for a drive.

Maybe we can learn from these dogs.

You'll see, in the second video, that they can make friends with just about anyone and anything.

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