Five-time All-Star Todd Helton has been arrested on a charge of driving under the influence.The Colorado Rockies first baseman was arrested at about 2:30 a.m. Wednesday in the Denver suburb of Thornton.

In a statement released by the Rockies, Helton says he is embarrassed and apologized to his family, the team and the community.   He added, "I humbly ask your forgiveness."

Here is a video of Todd during better times!

Officials in Thornton say Helton was arrested after someone called police to report a drunken driver. They say Helton's blood-alcohol content was over the legal limit but they haven't released the number.

Helton is a career .320 hitter. The 39-year-old played only 69 games last year before undergoing hip surgery in August.

He is expected to return for his 17th season this year. (AP)

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