This could have been way worse. A Colorado woman shared a video that shows how a bullet fell through her ceiling and landed on her bed.

According to her description, she lives in Colorado Springs. She was in the other room when she heard a 'pop'. This is what she found.

The fact that it was a hollow-point bullet made it even more dangerous. She noted that police said that it hadn't "mushroomed". Wikipedia describes what this means and why this bullet is intended to create more damage than a regular bullet:

When a hollow-point hunting bullet strikes a soft target, the pressure created in the pit forces the material (usually lead) around the inside edge to expand outwards, increasing the axial diameter of the projectile as it passes through.

That means if she had been lying on the bed and was struck by the bullet even traveling at a reduced speed, she could have had a terrible wound.

Police indicated there had been a weapon fired in a different part of Colorado Springs and it just happened to be her ceiling that it came through.

This is one of those stories where you count your blessings and be thankful about where you weren't.

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