Comedian Josh Pray is known for his funny, high-energy, and popular videos on social media. He has now turned to Wyoming, and he's not sure why. Although, he does a pretty good job of explaining five things you probably want to know before going to Wyoming.

Before he begins, he wants to ensure he pronounces the name correctly.

I'm going to do the video, but before I do the video, which one is silent? The 'W' or the 'Y' in the word Wyoming? Cause Wy sounds like Y, are we not saying the letter 'W' or are we not saying the letter 'Y'?

There's a good chance Josh has never been to Wyoming, but his '5 Things You Probably Want To Know Before Going To Wyoming' is accurate.

1. Guns

2. Cowboys Football

3. Rivalry with Colorado

4. Everybody is dressed like a cowboy or cowgirl, even if they're not.

5. If you don't like people, move to Wyoming.

In the video, he details every item on the five Things You Should Know list. I've pulled some of my favorite quotes and think we may want to add these to the list in case Wyoming intends to add another state motto.

If at first you don't succeed in Wyoming, go buy a gun.


That 2nd amendment in Wyoming is the 1st amendment in Wyoming.


If a meteor was coming toward Earth and they had to save one state, and it was Colorado, people from Wyoming might push the state towards the asteroid.


They are in the open space, the old country. Beautiful land, where Lonesome Dove was probably filmed. Wyoming is known for their Cowboy and Cowgirl attire.

I'm not sure, but Travel Wyoming may use this video as the next "Come Visit Wyoming" promotion, probably not, but it's funny.

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