I have a weird feeling that 2024 will be a HUGE year for tourism in Wyoming, specifically Casper. There's a buzz in this city that I haven't felt before. Tourism is a massive part of our way of life, but things are happening that make us a 'must-visit' city.

Visit Casper has been one of the driving forces behind the surge. They offer the Certified Tourism Ambassador Class, a great way to learn the ins and outs of tourism in Casper. This class gives you the tools you'll need to improve your customer service skills and better understand what Casper has to offer visitors.

I completed the class and would encourage you to enroll. I thought I knew a lot about what was happening in Casper and how to help visitors looking for something to do, but I was surprised by how much I was missing.

They have the first Saturday CTA class scheduled for May 4. If you're interested in being an ambassador for Casper's tourism, you should check it out. You can enroll in the course by signing up here.

It will allow you to help others and even help you better understand your opportunities. Living in Casper and knowing everything we can about our community is essential for the future of travel and financial growth.

Like I said, big things are brewing in Casper. If you don't believe me, you should plan to check out some, if not all, of the events scheduled for National Travel and Tourism Week May 20 - 24. You will get a chance to learn, see, and experience incredible things around the community.

There are still options for a tour of the Historic WWII Airbase, Twighlight Pickleball, the Historic Trails Interpretive Center, Trivia Night, and the annual Visit Casper Breakfast.

Don't miss out on a chance to see what the future of tourism looks like in Casper. Check out the schedule and find out how to get involved.

The Official 7 Wonders of Casper and Where To Find Them

The 7 Wonders of Casper is a series of roadside attractions. However, there are more than 7 Wonders on this list. Sometimes the name varies depending on who is telling the story. Some locations are elusive. Here are the Official 7 Wonders of Casper and where to find them.

Gallery Credit: Bill Schwamle

The Best Public Restrooms in Casper

After looking at our Facebook poll, these are Casper's best and cleanest public restrooms. The first three places had the most votes, and Hat 6 Travel Center has the most praise for its restrooms. Then, closely followed by Maverick and Common Cents.

Please be respectful of all these businesses. We assume they would allow anyone to use the restrooms in an emergency, but officially they are for customer use only.

Gallery Credit: Bill Schwamle

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