I'm a big fan of snow and winter sports, but this last month of cloudy gloomy temps has me ready for a vacation somewhere with palm trees.

I hit the internet for a bit of daydreaming and came across this article from Cosmopolitan. "Where to Vacation With Your BFF's In Every State" I was immediately intrigued and even though I had a pretty good idea where they would pick for Wyoming I clicked on it anyway.

Turns out my instincts were right. The article listed Jackson as the place to go for your girls only getaway.

Make your girls' getaway at Spring Creek Ranch — a luxury retreat atop East Gros Ventre Butte, 700 feet above Jackson Hole's high mountain valley — complete with a "soul reading" spa treatment.


I decided to take a moment and list a few other places in Wyoming that you could head to for a fun and perhaps a bit more affordable girls weekend.

  • Head to Cody for a quick weekend trip. Enjoy the quaint downtown shops, beautiful hiking trails, even drive up to Yellowstone. Make sure you schedule in some time at the historic steak house, Cassie's for great food, live music and country swing dancing with a handsome cowboy.
  • Saratoga is known for its natural hot springs and majestic views. Grab the girls and hike all day, then soak your sore muscles and chat while you sip a glass of wine and gaze at the stars.
  • Sheridan is another quaint small town with lots to offer. Fun art galleries, gorgeous views, and a world-famous golf course make this another great destination for you and your girls. Looking for some extra fun? Schedule some time to watch a polo game!
  • As a UW Alumni, a trip to Laramie with my college BFF's is always a hilarious unforgettable trip down memory lane. A weekend spent wandering campus, attending a Pokes football game, eating at our fav places (corona village I'm looking at you and thinking about those watermelon margaritas) and staying up way too late chatting is good for the soul.

NOTE: I have spent a few getaway weekends in Jackson, and it IS without a doubt a gorgeous and fun place to be. But, between the cost and how it's the only place ANYONE EVER MENTIONS in articles about visiting Wyoming, I had to mix it up with this list.

Do you have any other places you'd recommend for a Wyoming girls trip?

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