Denver Bronco Center Matt Paradis is cleared after surgeries on both hips. Considering that and the chances of an otherwise whole new offensive line sounds great on paper. Do you think they could be real good up front this year?

Paradis is expected to be in training camp starting July 27, reports. He was a Pro Bowl alternate last season. Matt started in all 32 regular-season games and three playoff games over his first two years – in pain.

"I never was that worried," he told a Denver tv reporter, "I might have been worried about quality. … But man, they're feeling great. I guess I never realized how much pain I was in and now it's like, "You mean I'm not supposed to be in pain all day, every day?"

We’ll look at why that is good news. First of all, fans were also worried about quality last season - worried about the offensive line in general. Some of us kept saying it was why the offense couldn’t budge.

This year, though, besides getting both of the Paradis hips back, there may be more good news. Two free-agents, Ronald Leary and Menelik Watson, play right guard and right tackle. Also, don’t forget Utah lineman Garett Bolles was picked in the first round to compete for left tackle.

All of them gelling would equal great news. In fact, fans may be expecting a real wall up front. Last year it was just hard to watch.

Von Miller has a good feeling about another Super Bowl. You?

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