If you were around the in the 90's you most likely remember the "other" guy that sported a mullet, Neal McCoy.  Neal had some great hits like:


The Shake1997Greatest Hits
Wink1994No Doubt About It
Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On2005That's Life
They're Playin' Our Song1995You Gotta Love That
Hillbilly Rap2005That's Life
You Gotta Love That1995You Gotta Love That
Tailgate2005That's Life
No Doubt About It1994No Doubt About It
If I was a Drinkin' Man1995You Gotta Love That
Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye1997Greatest Hits
Got Mud2005That's Life
Rednecktified2008The Very Best Of
The Last Of A Dying Breed2005That's Life
The City Put the Country Back in Me1994No Doubt About It
Please Don't Leave Me Now1995You Gotta Love That


Neal celebrates his 55th birthday today, and that got me thinking...what has he been up to?  Well, Neal has been busy making a new album that is due out this summer as well touring all over the Country.  You won't find Neal anywhere close to Wyoming this summer, so enjoy this video in celebration of his birthday today!

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