Neal McCoy is coming to the Casper Events Center to perform on Monday, September 16. Neal visited with us and shared details of his live performance which benefits the Mills firefighters.

We asked Neal what it's like to go from a newcomer in the mid-1990's to a country legend now.

Neal McCoy - "You know what. It feels pretty dang good...It's an honor. I'm glad I've been able to hang around and that old's not where you get, it's how you get there...I've tried to do that right and I believe we've been able to pull that off."

Neal devotes time on his Facebook page every day to doing the pledge of allegiance. We asked him what inspired him to do that.

Neal McCoy - "My mother is from the Philippine Islands. My father met her in the United States raised all three of us kids to appreciate and understand how great this country is we were born in...Sometimes it takes somebody from another country to have lived somewhere else to really appreciate...almost 4 years ago just started on my Facebook...a lot of people still love and respect this country."

A couple years ago, Neal was a part of a Grammy performance with another legend, Charley Pride. That was a moment Neal will never forget.

Neal McCoy - "It was fantastic. I was able to present him with the award...we performed together. There's nothing like it. I won a contest in 81. That's when I met Charley...he's the one that helped me get my foot in the door in country music. He still is my dear friend, my mentor, my hero...we love him to death."

You can see Neal McCoy perform at the Casper Events Center on Monday, September 16. He is truly a legendary performer you do not want to miss. His live performance is truly electric.

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