Some of the top stars in country music have weighed in on the debate that swept the internet on Thursday (Feb. 26). Taylor Swift, the Band Perry and Scotty McCreery have taken a shot at determining what color is the dress.

The viral argument originated with a single photo of a dress that was posted on tumblr, simply asking readers to identify what colors it was. Easy enough — except for the fact that the longer you look at the shimmering garment, the harder it seems to be to distinguish whether the dress is white and gold, or blue and black.

guys please help me - is this dress white and gold, or blue and black?

The picture swept the internet like wildfire in the ensuing hours, and even celebrities couldn't resist joining in the no-end guessing game. Swift knows a little bit about fashion, and she felt the answer was self-evident.

McCreery didn't seem anywhere near as sure of himself as Swift when it came to what color is the dress — he hedged his bets by playing both sides of the issue.

The debate even touched off some division in the ranks of the Band Perry, with brothers Neil and Reid on one side, and sister Kimberly on the other.

According to Mashable, the dress is from Roman Originals, and is definitely black and blue — but we have to admit, when we look at it, it looks blue and gold.

What color is this dress, anyway? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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