One of the three finalists for the vacant Natrona County Commission seat said he learned a valuable lesson in a law enforcement sting operation when he inadvertently sold alcohol to someone under 21 three years ago and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor.

Morgan W. DeWitt was chosen by the Natrona County Republican Party's central committee Wednesday evening. The central committee also chose Paul Bertoglio and Michelle Sabrosky for the seat vacated by Commissioner Steve Schlager on May 5.

The commission will interview them at the old courthouse, 200 N. Center St., at 1 p.m. Friday, go into executive session to discuss the candidates, and reconvene to vote for the new commissioner.

If the commission chooses him, DeWitt doesn't think the misdemeanor will affect his ability to serve, he said. "When you lose, don't lose the lesson."

The alcohol violation happened when DeWitt worked at a truck plaza and a rush of customers arrived and his general manager asked him to help, he said.

"I didn't have my glasses so every alcohol transaction, I just had the GM check the dates on the ID's," DeWitt said. "That fateful one was a sting being done by law enforcement."

The experience taught him a lot, he said.

"I ended up talking with the lieutenant for quite a while; he gave me a tremendous amount of information, training pointers, what to look for and what new things underage people are doing to get around the systems around alcohol sales," DeWitt said.

The officer told him stings aren't meant to be punitive, but rather educational a means to prevent alcohol violations, he said.

DeWitt, 30, said Wednesday he works at Home Depot in Casper and lives in Midwest, where he is the pastor of a church.

According to Natrona County Circuit Court records, DeWitt was arrested on the misdemeanor count on May 28, 2014. He was arraigned and pleaded guilty in circuit court on June 27, 2014. He was fined $200, and assessed $40 in court costs and fees.

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