At Reba 95.5, it goes without saying that we love our Reba McEntire.  She's such an awesome representative of Country music.  Reba has been at the forefront of her industry for nearly three decades, with tons of accolades and awards to her credit. 

She's also managed to change with the times and stay relevent in today's "next big thing" mentality, while staying true to her beautiful red roots.  Plus, she's a Broadway, movie, and tv star on top of it all.  They just don't get much more versatile than Reba McEntire.

One of my favorites ways to keep pace with Reba, is by her hairstyles.  Check out our galleries.  Her style is impeccable and she always has the cutest cuts.

So allow me to honor Reba in my own special way - with one of my favorite Reba videos, featuring my favorite Reba hairstyle.  This video says a lot about me in that I'm a big fan of Reba's "curlier" years.  Yeah, buddy!  Hot curls!  Looks like a family of gerbils could reside in there - sexy!  So, not only does her hair work for me, but the song is great and Reba shows off some of her earlier acting chops.   

I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.   

Reba McEntire with special guests, The Band Perry, tonight at the Casper Events Center.  Yee Haw!!