If you have spent a lot of time in Cody over the years or have family there, you will want to share this amazing retro video of the 4th of July in Cody dating back to the 50's.

Bill Keil just recently shared this video on YouTube. I sent him a message and he confirmed that the parade is from 1957. There are several highlights over the 3 minutes of this video.

  • The Sheriff's Posse Flowers across the street
  • The Cody Marching Band
  • Spirit Mountain Caverns float with the lady on the hay bale
  • The Cody Newcomers Club performing a play on their float
  • A sweet 1910 Roadster

I was taken back by how good a job the marching bands did. But, if you think about it, there was definitely no internet or smartphones to distract folks back then. Most of the entertainment in those days were outdoor activities and things like bands and clubs.

If you have family in the Cody area or stories from this time period, make sure to comment or send us your memories.

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