Travelers on CY Avenue in Casper are running into traffic jams and increased driving times due to the ongoing construction, but officials say the project is on schedule. Public Relations Specialist Jeff Goetz with WYDOT says the four lanes should be completed and re-opened by end of this June, they're working to get it all done as soon as possible, and he's not aware of any delays,

The project is improving the portion of CY Avenue (Wyoming Highway 220) between Wyoming Boulevard and Robertson Road, including the roadway surface and median crossovers. Traffic has been reduced to one lane in both directions and drivers have been encouraged to use alternate routes, but those choices are limited and travelers, including those going through the town of Mills, also report much increased traffic.

Susan Burk, Townsquare Media
Susan Burk, Townsquare Media

Planning for the longer drive time and patience are recommended. Meantime, Goetz points out that driving around the traffic in the close lanes is not a good idea. "It puts everyone in a potentially dangerous situation and creates anger for those trying to follow the rules," he says.

The reduced speed limit of 30 m.p.h. also remains in effect whether or not there are workers present, as is the case for posted speed limits in all construction zones, unless otherwise posted.

Access  to businesses along the route will remain open during construction. The project as a whole is scheduled to be completed by June of next year, and Goetz says WYDOT thanks drivers for their patience during the construction.

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