Danielle Bradbery's Request Line is open, and this time, she's covering a country song. The young singer gives Faith Hill's 'Breathe' a go, and the results are ... breathtaking.

Bradbery has delivered on everything from powerhouse Adele to the smash hit 'Say Something.' However, she's bringing it back home to the genre she's most comfy in this week, thanks to a request from Amy in New York.

"I absolutely love your single 'Young in America,'" Amy says at the beginning of the Request Line clip. "I would love to hear you sing 'Breathe' by Faith Hill. I think you would be absolutely amazing. Love you Danielle, have a good day."

Amy was spot-on -- Bradbery's rendition is "absolutely amazing." Her Request Line renditions are stripped down, simple versions of songs, and this one is no different. Still, it's her most powerful yet. The 18-year-old singer opts to shoot in black and white so viewers can focus on her vocals. From start to finish, Bradbery's sound adds a little extra sugar to the sweet love song, and the chorus allows her strong voice to really shine.

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