It's known by a lot of people around Nashville that Brad Paisley can be quite the "prankster" when he's out on the road.  In the past he's gotten Miranda Lambert, Taylor Swift, Justin Moore, Darius Rucker, and Kellie Pickler.

Darius, no stranger to pranks, himself, just found out that what's "gouda" for the goose is also "gouda" for the gander.  He shared being on the receiving end to The Country Vibe, recently.

"When my lights went down, right before I came out they went out and put globs of old, old Limburger cheese on my microphone. I walked out there and I put my hand on it, and it was like, 'Oh my God!' You could smell it." He adds, "So, [the stage crew] pulled out my back-up microphone to bring it out. As soon as they started walking to the stage, Brad's people grabbed it [laughs] and slathered it with Limburger cheese." So then what happened? Rucker continues, "I finally got it all [off], and then we were singing 'Hold My Hand.' Brad sent these two people from the crew and they held my hands up in the air while I was singing, and all of the sudden two guys walk out and just cake my hands with Limburger cheese. That was it. I just took it and went with it after that." If that wasn't enough, poor Darius was trying to sing "Purple Rain" when a large man dressed in a diaper with wings walked onstage and sprinkled him with purple glitter and confetti.

Rucker got even, though. He reveals, "We had a mariachi band that came out during one of [Brad's] songs. We also had two professional wrestlers that we paid to come out and have a match right in the middle of the stage while he sang one song. That was very funny. He turned around and he just couldn't believe that we had hired professional wrestlers. That was awesome."

We'll see if we hear about any Darius Rucker pranks when he plays Cheyenne Frontier Days this summer.