Jim Beaver has been in a lot of movies, but most of us know him from "Deadwood" on HBO. Jim was born in Wyoming, but now seems to regret that fact based on what he said on Twitter.

According to his bio page on IMDb, Jim Beaver was born in Laramie, Wyoming on August 12, 1950. Here's something Jim shared recently on Twitter about his birth state.

I have to cut Jim some slack. He did only live in Wyoming for a few months after he was born in Laramie. He has a book called "Life's That Way" which tells the story of how his family moved to Texas and he later went to college in Oklahoma. You can understand why Laramie would love to claim him as their own, but he spent decades in Texas and just months in Wyoming.

Jim has been in tons of film and TV projects including Supernatural, NCIS and even The Young and The Restless back in the day.

For what it's worth, Jim and his family now live in Los Angeles based on what his book bio page says.

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