When The Denver Broncos are about to start Organized Team Activities, they take a golf day. Wyomingites are envious – we who love both golf and the Broncos. To be honest, though, there's good, bad and ugly.

The Good: It’s great team bonding to relax, from all the competition on the field, and no place is more relaxing than on the course. Just watch out for the kickers. They’re always good at golf too.

The Bad: For those who only play golf once a year, it’s called a golf day, but they take all day to play 18. They shouldn't participate in friendly wagering. In fact, I recommend they not even keep score – just drink some beers and drive the cart when and where it needs to go.

The Ugly: The golf swing of Jammal Charles is SO ugly, we don’t have the heart to paste it in here. If you must, you can see it here. I warn you, though, if you have a fairly decent swing, yourself, Jammal’s is really ugly.