From, “Broncos move up to No. 1.” Now, keeping in mind that a mock draft is still just a mock draft, we have to just say, “It could happen.”

Check out the CBS dude’s explanation, however, and you may say, “Wow, that could happen.”

If the Broncos can't land Kirk Cousins … I can definitely see John Elway pulling the trigger on a deal to move up for his No. 1 target. Is that Darnold? Impossible to say … but if it is, there seems little chance he lasts to No. 5.

Either way, all the different mocks make my head spin (though here’s another saying Wyoming's Josh Allen will be taken by the Broncos, staying in the fifth spot). As a Bronco fan, however, trading up to #1 sure set off my mock meter.

The whole CBS mock had a trade for every team in the first round. Talk about head spinning. Trading away #1, here’s what they project Cleveland to gain. The Browns would possibly have four of the first round’s 32 picks: #5 from Denver, #7 from Tampa Bay, #18 from Seattle and #32 from Philadelphia.

Head spinning? If half of all that happens, it sure would be a fun Thursday night. Still, that’s not until the last week of April. Free agency deals can't even start until March.

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