Hot and dry are the two best words to describe Wyoming summers right now.

Not only have we had an exceptionally hot summer, but we've had less rain than usual which means it's become even dryer and dustier than usual.

As a result, we've had quite a few dust devils popping up all over the place.

On Saturday, a local teen in Glenrock Wyoming caught a massive dust devil on camera.

Jess Jarvis spotted this dust devil right near the power plant outside of Glenrock.

Dust Devils this size can often be mistaken for tornados, but there are actually a few differences between the two.

A Dust Devil forms when hot air near the surface rises quickly through a small pocket of cooler, low-pressure air above it.

In just the right conditions, the air can begin to rotate.

The dust and debris make the Dust Devil visible and while they CAN cause damage, they are generally not as dangerous as Tornados.

Have you spotted a Dust Devil and caught it on camera?

We'd love to see your pictures. You can share them with us using the My Country Mobile App.

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