Dierks Bentley's longtime drummer, Steve Misamore, and his wife have cried it out, and now they're counting their blessings. The couple's home took a direct hit from a tornado that devastated the Nashville area on Tuesday morning (March 3), and it's a total loss.

Misamore and his wife, CarryAnn, were actually out of town, vacationing in Florida when the storm hit their Tennessee home. A neighbor called to tell them the news, and they flew back to Music City to assess the damage, updating country music fans as they surveyed the debris.

As you can see behind us, yeah, we did take the direct hit," the drummer says in a video shared on Bentley’s Instagram account. "We were in Vero Beach, Florida, starting a vacation, and got the call at about one in the morning from our neighbor that the tornado hit."

The damage to Misamore’s neighborhood is evident as he pans the area to show houses ripped down to the studs and roofs on the ground. Despite this, the couple is trying to keep things in perspective, even joking a bit with fans.

"As you can see, we’ve lost the top floor, or you could say decided to develop an open concept," he says, laughing as he holds his wife close. "It’s just bricks, and lumber, and nails, that’s all. And we’ll start new memories ... with whatever happens with this."

As of Wednesday, 24 people have confirmed dead and at least 22 more are still missing after the storm. Misamore was lucky — so was Bentley, who shared via Twitter on March 3 that he had landed his plane at the now-destroyed John C. Tune Airport just minutes before the weather got intense.

"We ducked around this cell and landed at john tune airport around 11:30 last night," Bentley explains. “Glad we landed when we did. Wouldn’t have been good an hour later. It was the cell that turned into the tornado. Lot of people lost their homes. No one comes together as a city like Nashville does."

See the Damage From the 2020 Nashville Tornado:

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