Dierks Bentley flexes his goofball muscle in support of country supergroup the Highwomen's debut single, "Redesigning Women." Press play above to watch the singer deliver a dramatic reading of the song's lyrics, surrounded by a library worthy of an episode of Masterpiece Theater.

Clad in corduroy and spectacles and puffing on a pipe, Bentley thumbs through a selection of books -- all written by iconic female authors -- before settling on "Redesigning Women" and beginning to read aloud. The song reflects on the many roles women play in society, splitting their days between careers and family life, and somehow managing to pull it all off.

"Redesigning women / Runnin' the world while we're cleanin' up the kitchen / Makin' bank, shakin' hands, drivin' 80 / Trying to get home just to feed the babies," the song's chorus goes. "Skippin' the bread for the butter / Changin' our minds like we change our hair color / Ever since the beginning / We've been redesigning women..."

As he readsBentley pauses over the lyric "breakin' every Jello mold." "Jello shot?" He muses aloud, before returning to the page. At the end of his reading, the singer closes the book, saying "Instant classic," and turns his attention to a glass of Scotch sitting on the table beside him.

On Tuesday (July 23), the Highwomen posted a clip of the video to social media and expressed their appreciation for Bentley's rendition of the single. "Our friend [Dierks Bentley]'s interpretation of our song #RedesigningWomen is something special. 😂" they write. "We love you, Dierks!"

"Redesigning Women" came out on Friday (July 19), along with a music video that includes cameos from a host of other female artists. Tanya Tucker, Cassadee Pope, Kassi Ashton, Wynonna Judd, Cam and Lily Hiatt all make appearances in the clip.

The Highwomen -- comprised of Brandi Carlile, Maren Morris, Amanda Shires and Natalie Hemby -- is an all-female collective that formed in part with the goal to "elevate all women and completely abandon the concept of competing with one another," Carlile explained in June of 2019. "Redesigning Women" is their first single as a group, and comes off of a forthcoming self-titled album, which is due for release on Sept. 6. The band will their official live debut at the 2019 Newport Folk Festival, scheduled for July 26-28 in Rhode Island.

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