What's your Wyoming sign of the Zodiac? Most people are aware of their astrological sign, so we decided to make a zodiac for Wyomingites. Taurus is no longer the bull. Cancer is no longer a crab. They are creatures and objects that are truly part of the Cowboy State. We used the information about the zodiac from Astrology.com. We just kicked all the California out of it and added more Chugwater and Meeteetse.

  • Aries / the Bighorn Sheep: March 21 - April 19


    There is no hill or problem too large to overcome for the Bighorn Sheep. They are great problem solvers, obsessively organized, and very competitive. Often the Bighorn wonders if Wyoming has enough for them, but they love the solidarity and wide open places.


  • Taurus - the Bison April 20 - May 20


    The American Bison is steadfast and confident. They love the simple pleasures and beauty Wyoming has to offer. They can be stubborn and unrelenting. It is not wise to upset a bison.


  • Gemini / the Double-Barrel Shotgun May 21 - June 20


    The double-barreled shotgun is quick, social, and can flip on a dime. One moment they can be playful, then just switch to serious in a heartbeat. They are always looking for the next adventure, so the endless spaces and rich history of Wyoming keeps them enthralled.


  • Cancer / the Crayfish June 21 - July 22


    The Crayfish is a tricky person to get to know. They are very intuitive and private. They are very protective of the people close to their heart. The idea that Wyoming is such a tight-knit group gives them a great sense of pride in the state.

  • Leo / the Mountain Lion July 23 - August 22


    Mountain Lions are ideal leaders with the confidence and charisma to boost. They take great pride in their prowess during a job or a social event. The small communities in Wyoming grant them a plethora of opportunities to strut their stuff.

  • Virgo / the Bear Cub August 23 - September 22

    Joe Raedle, Getty Images

    The Bear Cub is youthful and friendly. They are intrigued by the small details like which towns in Wyoming have the most bullet filled signs. Or how many UW stickers are in a particular parking lot. Often when intimidated by confrontation, the Cub wants to retreat to the safety of mama bear's legs. Or a comfy spot next to the fire.

  • Libra / the Balanced Rock September 23 - October 22

    Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

    Just like the picture, the Balanced Rock has their unique touch of stability. Justice and equality are important to them. They love to be part of the party and get annoyed with drama. In the small towns of Wyoming, you better not piss them off because they won't forget it.

  • Scorpio / the Rattlesnake October 22 - November 21


    The Rattlesnake has this bravado and tenacity that makes them great leaders. They can and will tell you exactly what they feel. Just like in the prairie grasslands of Wyoming, they can have a vicious bite.

  • Sagittarius / the Bow Hunter November 22 - December 21


    It is the vast landscapes that keep the Bow Hunter in Wyoming. They have the freedom like nowhere else in the world. When the hunt is plentiful, they love to share the wealth. Be careful talking politics with the Bow Hunter. They will speak their mind no matter the company.

  • Capricorn / the Pronghorn December 22 - January 19

    Bill Schwamle, Townsquare Media

    The Pronghorn is respectable and polite. They can be quite skittish and pessimistic underneath the surface. Don't break their trust, or they will run faster than the pronghorns in the wild.

  • Aquarius / the Fireman January 20 - Febuary 18


    The Fireman is a good critical thinker which makes them great at fixing things. Lending a helping hand is part of their loyal nature, and they can easily be a rabble-rouser for a cause. They get bored easily, so they like to have a lot of projects. Sometimes they take on more tasks than they can finish.

  • Pisces / the Rainbow Trout February 19 - March 20


    The many paintings and images of fish around Wyoming make this sign happy. The Rainbow Trout is attracted to art and music like bait. They love being surrounded by schools of different people. Sometimes their friendliness can lure them into traps.