As a parent of teenagers, I have struggled a lot with their relationship with tech.

Overall I am pretty strict, and my kids don't receive their own phones until they are Freshmen in High School.

The main purpose of the phone is to allow us to contact them with their many after-school sports and activities. I also fully understand that texting is the way that most teenagers communicate and while we have a few time and content restrictions for my son's phone, we generally try to let him have his privacy.

When he began to drive I heard about an app called Life 360.

It's a way that I can keep track of where he is, and SO much more.

It will tell you their top speed, if they brake fast, and if they're using their phone while driving.

It even tells you if their battery is running low (no more sorry my phone was dead that's why I missed the call).

I love having this information but honestly, I maybe check it once a week.

So far my son hasn't given me a reason to be concerned or even suspicious, and of course, I don't tell him that I rarely keep track of what he's up to...

But, just because we have access to these apps doesn't mean that we should use them.

According to there are several reasons that these kinds of apps are harmful.

This article mentions that the information that it collects could be used by other companies for less than wholesome purposes.

They also talk about how having a tracking app shows a lack of trust that could be damaging to your relationship with your child.

So, what are your thoughts?

Are Apps that monitor your children helpful or hurtful?

Let me know by chatting with me through the My Country Mobile App.

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