Casper Mountain 2
Photos by Bill Schwamle Townsquare Media

A story appeared sometime in the 1960's that Casper Mountain housed a 'hidden cavern' large enough to accommodate the entire population of Casper.

The Cavern was said to be in the Beartrap Meadow area and extended to the south side of Casper Mountain. There were concerns of nuclear attacks during this period of time and many citizens were building their own personal shelters, just in case of an attack.

The story was explored in an article, November 12, 1961, in the Casper Newspaper. The article pointed out the cavern system could be used as a fall-out shelter, or a tourist attraction.

The cave was said to be located 2 miles east of Eadsville. The cavern located at the bottom of a gulch, was the subject of curious individuals, however there weren't many who actually saw it.

Some people were able to gain access and described what they saw. The entrance was said to be 15 feet tall, six feet wide and made a gradual decline of about fifty yards. There seems to be a wall at the end, but there is a hole in the floor of the cavern. The space is very small, a man has to crawl on hand and knee for several yards and then there is an entrance to a large room of sandstone walls and a crystal quartz ceiling. The room extends four hundred feet into the mountain.

There are other offshoots of this room that can be accessed by crawling through small passageways. At one point the "Hole in the Wall Grotto" exploration club were working to restore the cave to it's former glory.

It is said that at the end of the cavern there is the sound an underground water source and the whisper of cold wind.



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