Passing north through the wide open plains some 40+ miles north of Cheyenne lies the small town of Chugwater, Wyoming.  There are lots of stories as to how it got its name, but if you're passing through Chugwater, you might just want to stop in for a drink - of water.

After moving to Wyoming some 10 years ago, I've often wondered how Chugwater got it's name and surmised that Chugwater creek must have been the only watering hole for miles around.  Hence the name of chug-water.  Well that part is totally wrong!  But the little town of Chugwater is the best place to get a glass of water in the cowboy state, according to the Wyoming Association of Rural Water Systems

Chugwater just won the best tasting water award for Wyoming's rural water systems!! And now will get a chance to represent Wyoming in Washington D.C. in the 2017 Great American Water Taste Test competition.

By the way, the town name 'Chugwater', according to popular belief, originated from the indigenous Indian tribes that uses to hunt buffalo in the region.  Giving the area and the near by creek the name of "Chug" due to the sound that the buffalo made when hitting the ground after being run over the edge of the near by bluffs or "buffalo jump" - according to the Wyoming Tails and Trails website

Congratulations to Chugwater, Wyoming and Good Luck in Washington D.C.!  Can't wait to try the local water (not just the beer) on my next stop in town!

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