While love may be in the air, if you're not legally married, can you claim Common Law Marriage in Wyoming? Common-Law Marriage has been around in America all the way back to 1877. It's kind of an odd situation to look at from the outside(and probably the inside) with all the particulars involved in being Common-Law.

Common-Law Marriage doesn't mean that you've been together for X amount of years and you considered yourselves married. That's actually a myth, probably brought on by television and movies in pop culture. There's more to it than that and honestly, you might as well say your "I do's" rather than try and squeeze in as Common-Law.

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If you're wondering the particulars on getting a Common-Law Marriage, NPR did a great job spelling it out in their article "No, You're Not In A Common-Law Marriage After 7 Years Together".

To enter into a common-law marriage, a couple generally has to satisfy these requirements: be eligible to be married and cohabitate in one of the places that recognize common-law marriage, intend to be married and hold themselves out in public as a married couple. In other words, a couple who lives together for a day, a week, a year — states don't have a time requirement — agrees to be married and tells family and friends they are.

So, does Wyoming have Common-Law Marriage? I did some digging and according to Equaljustice.wy.gov, Common-Law Marriage does not exist in the Cowboy State. There's also not a Common-Law Divorce, either. Why would that matter? Well, if you were granted a Common-Law Marriage in another state, Wyoming WILL recognize it.

Sounds very bureaucratic. But, that's it, the black and white of it at least. So, go ahead and bend the knee.

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