The Chicago Cubs owner, 72-year-old Joe Ricketts, recently retired to Jackson Hole. Otherwise, the Cubs don’t have much to do with Wyoming.

There were, however, a decisive majority of the Cowboy State’s major league fans cheering for the Cubs in the last world series. And so did many elsewhere, outside of Cleveland. Since the Cubs won, though, the question is about Cubs fans and their no longer ‘loveable’ losers.

Opening the 2017 season, are the Chicago Cubs no longer loveable since they’re picking up where they left off 2016? Maybe they’re even seen as bad guys now. Maybe that underdog thing can only work for 108 years.

For many, the words “evil” and “New York Yankees” are often used in the same sentence. Actually that’s been true ever since the Red Sox acquired the Curse of the Bambino. Since the Cubs broke their Curse of the Billy Goat, have things changed for you?

Last November, Manager Joe Maddon told PBS Newshour:

“I love tradition. I think tradition is worth time mentally, and tradition is worth being upheld. But curses and superstitions are not. It’s really great for all of Cubdom to get beyond that and continue to move forward. Now, based on the young players, we have an opportunity to be good for a long time.”

Does a winning Cubs team make them not as loveable?

Yes, it's more fun to pull for the losing team. 11.76 Percent

No, I've been a Cub fan way too long to not enjoy them winning. 88.24 Percent

Wait, let me put that in Cubs blue 88.24 over 11.76. Thanks for voting - for real!