The first Friday in June is National Donut Day and several area doughnut providers will offer special deals along to donut lovers with some even giving away free donuts to patrons on this most delicious day each year.

Wal-mart has announced that they will be giving away free doughnuts on Friday and are expected to giveaway 1.2 million donuts across the country to folks who venture into any of their store locations.  1.2 million!! Now that's a lot of doughnuts!!

But they're not the only one giving away the sugary covered fried pastry treats.  Several national donut chains will also be handing out free donuts to patrons on the annual doughnut holiday.

At the time of posting this poll, many local donut shops were unsure of their plans and asked that we call back on Friday morning to learn about promotions for National Donut Day. (Hint - call first if you're wanting a free donut)

But National Donut Day aside, we began debating about the spelling of the delicious treats.  Are they spelled 'Donuts' or is it a 'Doughnuts'?  We have spelled it both ways throughout in this article on purpose but want to know your spelling preference? Take our poll and tell us - are they 'Donuts' or 'Doughnuts'?

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