It's a traditional Easter candy that some people love or they don't like at all. Marshmallow Peeps are abundant on store shelves this time of year but take it up a notch and make them yourself!
These you see in this photo are homemade peeps. I didn't make them, but they were made using homemade marshmallow in the classic shape and covered in granulated sugar.

I'm not a complete monster, I shared them with my kids. One of my daughters loved it, the other was indifferent and my son didn't even bother to try it. I placed it in his hand, then he put it back in mine.

I took a bite and they are far better in every way to the store-bought ones. Same concept - it's fluffed marshmallow coated with granulated sugar. Since it's made fresh you could tell the difference in texture.

So, if you like the idea of something you see but don't care for it, use it for inspiration and make your own.

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